ASK Night Participant List

ASK Night Participants

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night is an annual networking event hosted by my employer in which current students have a chance to network with alumni volunteers. In order to help the students prepare for the event, my department posts a list of the attendees. The original list needed to be manually constructed using data submitted by the attendees, and could only contain limited information. This updated list pulls data and images directly from the attendee registration form, and allows students to easily filter and search. The list is designed to eliminate duplicate data entry, and to convey a wide variety of information about each attendee in a compact format.

Technologies Used:

  • jQuery
  • Wufoo
  • CSS3

Features of Note:

  • Participant information is gathered via a Wufoo form
  • List is populated by form data using Wufoo API
  • jQuery filter controls allow users to search based on keyword and grad school attendance

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